Billing & Subscriptions

How do I give a client a refund?

All barbers using Status Barber must make their refund policies clear and available to clients by posting any such policy near their booth or in the barbershop. Refunds are the responsibility of each barber - if you need to process a refund in accordance with your refund policy, contact us at []. Include the client name, phone number and transaction details.

How do I reschedule an appointment?

You must reschedule four hours (or more) prior to your scheduled appointment time to avoid being charged for your service. Go to your appointment page and click reschedule. Your previous appointment time will be cancelled automatically when you confirm your desire to reschedule and select a new appointment time. 


Is my payment secure?

Yes, Status is PCI compliant and follows all of the regulatory guidelines provided for your security. We do not store your credit card information after the transaction has taken place. Our payments processing provider is PCI level 1, the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. 


When am I charged for my haircut?

A portion of your appointment ($3.25) is charged at the time of booking and is non-refundable. You will see an authorization for the balance of services booked two to four hours prior to your appointment. At the conclusion of your haircut, you will receive a notification to add gratuity (if you wish) and rate your experience with the barber.


Does Status accept cash?

 Unfortunately at this time we do not accept cash. We do however accept all major credit and debit cards.

Is there a fee to use Status?

Using the Status app is free; you pay for the services you book through the application. 


Am I still charged if my Barber doesn’t show up?

You are not charged if the barber cancels on the same day of your appointment or doesn't show up. If you are made aware of a barber cancellation within four hours of your appointment, any authorization made to your account will be reversed. Contact us at [] to have this authorization reversed. 


Can I add a tip for my barber?

Absolutely! At the conclusion of your haircut, you will receive a notification to add gratuity( if you wish) and rate your experience with the barber. 


When will I be charged?

No more last minute trips to an ATM for cash - all appointments made within Status require a valid credit card. The payment method you have on file will be authorized two to four hours prior to your appointment and you can even add a tip when you're done.