When will I get paid out for the haircuts I booked and completed through Status Barber?

We give each barber one free payout per day. Each additional payout per day will incur a $1 fee. Once you request a payout funds will be received within 2 hours.

Can I use other apps with Status Barber?

Unfortunately because Status is proprietary software we are unable to integrate it with third party software at this time.

Is Status free for Barbers?

Status Barber is free to download and use. As your partner, we even cover credit card processing fees. 

Do I have to be affiliated with a barbershop?

In order to ensure client safety, we do not support mobile or unaffiliated barbers at this time. We therefore require all barber accounts to be affiliated with local barbershops and verify addresses for this purpose.

Where do I download the Status Barber App?

 Barbers must have an invitation from a Status ambassador or current client to download the app.

The Status Barber app is located in the Apple store, Google play, on the homepage of our website and at the bottom in the footer section of the website that you are on. The barber app has the black Status logo, and you must have the correct app downloaded to accept appointments.

Is there a seperate app for barbers?

Yes, if you are a barber interested in taking appointments through Status, please download the Status Barber app.

How do get an invite to Status Barber?


Thank you for expressing interest in being a part of Status. There are three ways to receive an invitation to join Status as a barber.

1. Go to the website homepage and enter your phone number and someone from Status will be send an invitation.

2. A client who is already a Status user can send you an invitation.

3. Go to the website and select support, then select the icon labeled “partner with us.” Complete the contact form to have someone from the barber partner team connect with you and provide the steps needed to join our community of barbers.